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Distance from Hotel: 40 km Travel time: 45 minutes
Anuradhapura was the Capital of Sri Lanka at 1500 years. After destroying Anuradhapura with various effects Polonnaruwa became the Capital of Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa kingdom was started 1017 AD and it was finished at 1215 AD. There were two aggressions that were aggressed by India were cased to start and finish the kingdom of Polonnaruwa.
Colas who have inoculated Sri Lanka at 1017 AD avoid the Anuradhapura kingdom and started Polonnaruwa as their Kingdom. Thereafter Sinhalese kings attacked Colas and created Polonnaruwa as the Sinhalese Kingdom.

Magha who was attacked Sri Lanka and who were in Kalinga of India became the final king of Polonnaruwa. King 2nd Parakramabahu who rescued Sri Lanka from Magha and started Dambadeniya as the 3rd Kingdom of Sri Lanka.