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Distance from Hotel: 40 km Travel time: 45 minutes
Instead of the 5th Century and the king who governs the country at 477 BC is King Kashapa made the very beautiful ancient and architectural places which are 8th wander of the world called Sigiriya. Kashapa chose the Sigiriya as his kingdom and he made not only the kingdom but also beautiful water flowers and flower gardens and many architectural places.
King Kashapa made the rock flowers at rocks and crated steps nice ways with carvings and in the gap he made a nice wall called Katapath pawra “Lyrics wall”. He made the Sigiriya as Lion. Some called this for Lion rock. Sigiriya means also The rock of Lion. At this time we can see only two legs although at that time people might see the fully lion rock.

The kingdom was situated at top of the rock and it is near 3 1/2 sqkms. Sigiriya has the best architectural qualities in Asia. Sigirya garden is only second in the world for old roman gardens. Their foremost people come to visit Sigiriya. Another fact of Sigiriya is in Sigiri rock has various types of paintings. All painting has queens or women. There may be many paintings although now we can see little amounts of paintings. old people write their lyrics about Sigiri paintings in Katapath Pawra means lyrics wall.